Webshops must be easily accessible for 24/7 and 365 days a year. Hosting is crucial to make sure the webshop runs smoothly. Our partner Hipex provides high-speed hosting for Adobe Commerce and OroCommerce webshops, including maintenance.

Together with Hipex, we provide a hosting platform that is 100% tailored to the specific requirements of Adobe Commerce and OroCommerce.

Why Hipex?

Together with Hipex, we have many examples of Adobe Commerce and OroCommerce webshops that are growing rapidly thanks to Hipex’s hosting. Performance improvements ensure better search results and conversion percentages.

  • Higher performance, higher turnover

    Webshops grow rapidly after their switch to Hipex. Performance improvements lead to better search results and conversion rates.

  • 25,000 products in just 0.6 seconds

    Many products and a slow category page? With Hipex, the speed will amaze you.

  • Hyper-fast, hyper-transparent

    Our motto: don’t believe us, test us. Together, we will put all our cards on the table: we will show you the advantages and clearly explain the differences.

  • Down-to-earth Approach

    Full transparency, fair prices and a unique focus on ambitious web shops. That is what you can expect from the cooperation between Madia and Hipex.

Our Partnership

Learn more about our partnership in the video below, which we made together with Hipex.

Two people in front of the Madia logo

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