How we Work

We specialise in eCommerce, in the broadest sense of the word. Together with our team of developers, service desk, hosting and design, we work on successful eCommerce implementations.

A Transparent Process

We offer certainty about the price, quality and duration of your eCommerce project. Through frequent consultations, we set clear goals, determine priorities, guarantee progress and evaluate the work. This transparent way of working ensures that you always have insight into the status of the project.

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    Before we start a project, we want to know what you are looking for in detail. During exploratory meetings, we discover what your company looks like, in which markets you are active and what eCommerce goals you have in mind.

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    We advise you on how to approach the project. We look at what eCommerce platform fits your needs, and which integrations are suitable. We base our webshop advise on new and existing ideas.

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    We combine our eCommerce expertise with your knowledge of the market. After we have drawn up our advice, we will discuss with you whether this fits in with the vision you have formulated. We transform our advice into a workable plan.

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    We start with the elements that are really important for your company. We ensure the delivery of a fully functional webshop which your customers can use to their heart’s content.

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    After every new update to your webshop, we will take a critical look at the results. We make adjustments, add new ideas to the backlog and discuss the next steps together.

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    Restart the Cycle

    The process does not end here. In the fast-changing world of eCommerce, a webshop is never ‘finished’. We continue to apply our cycle to each new part of our joint project.

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What to Expect

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    Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    A successful webshop is not built in one day. That’s why we start by developing the most elementary parts of the webshop. We call this a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). After the MVP phase, we expand the eCommerce platform step by step.

    The advantage of an MVP is that the new eCommerce platform is quickly operational which means that results can be measured quickly.

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    No project is the same: there are outlines that are followed, but never a fixed plan. E-commerce projects are too dynamic for that. That is why we work ‘Agile’. We divide projects into shorter ‘sprints’, which last between 1 and 4 weeks.

    This way, you always know where the project stands and what the next steps are.

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    A Permanent Team

    During the project, you will have a fixed project manager and a fixed project team of experts who work together at an equal level.

    The team consists of a project manager, commerce consultant and a permanent development team, who are always ready to help with questions, improvements, preventing and solving problems, both reactively and proactively.

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