Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce Migration

When you decide to migrate your shop to Adobe Commerce (Powered by Magento 2) you obviously want the new environment to meet your requirements. Together we get to work on this using a clear step-by-step plan.

What does a migration mean?

Are you considering a switch to Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento 2), but want to know more about the impact this will have on your webshop? We are happy to help you further with our Migration Service.

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    Step 1: Preparation

    Everything starts with a thorough assessment. Together, we discuss the wishes for the Magento 2 migration. We look at existing processes, links with other systems, possible optimisation, design options and ambitions for the future.

    We also answer questions such as: What should the new webshop look like and how can we make optimal use of the new possibilities in Adobe Commerce? On the basis of these discussions, we formulate a workable project plan.

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    Step 2: Planning

    Compared to Magento 1, Adobe Commerce (Powered by Magento 2) is a new product, which is built with a different technical structure. This means that this is not an update of the platform, but a complete migration. This must be taken into account in the planning.

    Together we create a project plan and make an overview of the duration of the project. This way you know when the migration will be started and when you can go online with your new Adobe Commerce webshop.

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    Step 3: The implementation

    Migrating a Magento webshop means that all functionalities must be “moved” or redeveloped step by step. Think of themes and the design, modules and possibly customisation of integrations.

    During the project, you will have a fixed project team working on the migration. The team has an account manager who continuously keeps you informed of the progress of the project.

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    Stap 4: The Delivery

    We work towards the first version of your new Adobe Commerce (Powered by Magento 2) webshop. We call this a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We then expand the eCommerce platform step by step, adding new functionalities.

    The advantage is that the new eCommerce platform is quickly operational (and thus the ROI can start). Results can be measured quickly, which can be used to adjust further development.

Switching to Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce : a clear process

With a migration you want to be sure of a clear roadmap. By frequently meeting with each other during the migration in an open dialogue, goals are set, priorities determined, progress guaranteed and activities evaluated. Read more about this in the approach we use for all projects.

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