eCommerce Optimisation

If you want to get more out of your eCommerce, continuous development is essential. The market is always in motion and customers have increasingly higher demands. Therefore, we will help to keep your webshop in perfect shape. Whether it’s performance, design or conversion, continuous optimisation ensures your eCommerce is always at its best.

Advice, support and realisation

Whether it’s performance, design or conversion, we look at how continuous development ensures eCommerce at its best.

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    eCommerce Workshops

    During eCommerce workshops, a consultant spends part of the day investigating the opportunities and possibilities for further improving the platform.

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    An eCommerce platform needs maintenance to keep it running smoothly. We take care of the technical side of your webshop and act proactively on the necessary work.

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    Dedicated Hours

    Dedicated hours are fixed development hours that we spend on your webshop each week. It ensures a high degree of flexibility and continuity.

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    Extensive Monitoring

    By actively monitoring your eCommerce platform we ensure that your platform is always running optimally. If we see possible improvements we will let you know and explore the possibilities together.

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    Design Updates

    Want to develop your corporate identity? We are happy to help. Build a style guide that you can use for your entire corporate identity strategy.

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    24/7 Support

    Questions about your eCommerce platform? We offer 24/7 support, outside office hours and at the weekend.

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Continuous Optimisation

It is important that your webshop is kept in great condition. To ensure it is, we offer various services related to optimisation. These services are agreed upon in a contract that is flexible and scalable so that it always fits your needs. We keep working on the development of your webshop; from improving strategy and developing new integrations, to optimising conversion rates and updating the UX/UI design.

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