E-commerce Consultancy

eCommerce is an important part of your sales strategy. If you have ambitions to start, expand or improve your existing eCommerce activities, you know that making the right choices can be a time-consuming process. Where to start and who to involve in the project? This is where we help with e-commerce consultancy. We give advice, supervise, and realise the right solutions.

Optimal Results

What does a new eCommerce environment mean for existing processes, which eCommerce platform best suits the requirements, and which integrations need to be made? What are the ambitions for the coming years, how will it fit within the new eCommerce platform, and when is the implementation a success? These are just a few of the many questions that we can help you with.

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    Before we start a project, we exactly want to know what you are looking for. During exploratory meetings, we discover what your company looks like, in which markets you are active and what eCommerce goals you have in mind.

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    We advise you on how to approach your project. We look at what eCommerce platform fits your needs and which integrations are suitable. We base our webshop advice on new and existing ideas.

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    We combine our eCommerce expertise with your knowledge of the market. After we have drawn up our advice, we will discuss whether this fits in with the vision you have formulated. We transform our advice into a workable plan.

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    Choosing the Right Platform

    There is a vast choice of eCommerce platforms. We will help you choose the right one. We take your wishes into account and guide you through the selection process. We only work with the best eCommerce platforms currently available on the market.

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    Our Method

    Before we draw up a piece of advice, we want to know what you are looking for in detail. Through exploratory meetings, we will take a close look at your company: which markets are you active in and which eCommerce goals do you have in mind?

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