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Online presence is essential for B2B companies looking to sell their products and services. Starting a B2B webshop ensures that products and services become available to customers online. How to you start a B2B webshop? What B2B software and B2B platforms are there? And what advantages do they offer for wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors?

Starting a B2B webshop: what to think about?

Starting a B2B webshop can be challenging, but with the right strategy and tools, it can be a successful venture. The most important thing is to choose a B2B e-commerce platform designed for B2B sales. This means the platform should have features such as bulk ordering, custom pricing for customers, and the ability to create business accounts.

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    B2B Platforms

    Choosing the right B2B platform is crucial to the success of a B2B webshop. There are several B2B platforms available on the market. Making the right choice can be overwhelming. It is important to choose a platform specifically designed for B2B sales.

    We choose the platform OroCommerce for our B2B implementations. OroCommerce is a B2B e-commerce platform designed specifically for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers.

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    B2B Webshop Functionality

    B2B webshops differ from consumer market webshops. B2B customers have a different way of buying than consumers. However, the customer expects the same experience as with a B2C purchase. Therefore, it is important that products are offered in the right way.

    In addition, B2B sales often include specific processes. Think of bulk orders, price differentiation for different customers, account management, and quotation management. These processes must be specifically designed to meet the needs of B2B customers

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    B2B e-commerce strategy

    A strong B2B e-commerce strategy is essential for the success of a B2B webshop. A proper strategy helps attract new customers, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales. Therefore, investing in a good B2B e-commerce strategy is the way to grow and stay competitive in the market.

    Before we start the project, we want to know in detail what you are looking for. During exploratory talks, we discover what your company looks like, what markets you operate in, and what e-commerce goals you have in mind.

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B2B Software & B2B Platforms

A successful B2B webshop implementation involves more than just building an online sales channel. It is important to invest in the right B2B platforms and B2B software to optimise business processes and offer customers a seamless experience. In the backend of your webshop, there are many things that need to be managed. At Madia, we help you with this from A to Z.

  • Choosing the right e-commerce platform
  • Integrations with existing systems such as ERP, CRM and WMS
  • Integrations with new systems such as PIM and DOP

Together we ensure a smooth-running B2B platform, where all processes can be managed within one environment.

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One B2B platform for all industries

A B2B platform is an excellent solution for companies in all industries that want to sell their products and services online. Wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors can better serve customers online with a B2B platform.

B2B e-commerce for wholesalers

B2B e-commerce allows wholesalers to sell their products online. A B2B webshop helps reach new customers who would otherwise not be familiar with your products and services. Wholesalers can use e-commerce to streamline and automate the purchasing process. This can lead to cost savings and a more efficient purchasing experience for the wholesaler and its customers.

B2B webshop for manufacturers

Manufacturers have a different set of needs when it comes to B2B e-commerce. They often offer large numbers of products, but often do not have stock readily available to customers. A B2B webshop for manufacturers offers features such as quote management, price lists, product configurators, and the ability to create and order customised products. This enables manufacturers to offer a seamless experience to their customers while optimising their production process.

B2B platform for distributors

Distributors play an important role in the B2B supply chain. A B2B platform for distributors offers features such as price lists, discount systems, real-time inventory, order and shipment management, and integration with existing systems. This enables distributors to work efficiently and provide their customers with the products they need quickly. A good B2B platform for distributors leads to improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and higher profit margins.

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